Using NatHERS Accredited Software

There are three software tools accredited under NatHERS, each with different user interfaces and functions. If you are completing energy ratings in accordance with NatHERS methods, you will need to decide which tool best meets your needs:

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The formal qualification for assessors using NatHERS software is the Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment (CPP41212). Further details can be found on our Assessor accreditation and qualifications page.

NatHERS technical notes

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To ensure ratings are conducted consistently, assessors using NatHERS methods must follow the NatHERS Technical Notes when undertaking thermal performance assessments.

Ratings undertaken for regulatory purposes must also satisfy relevant state and territory legislation. This legislation overrides the NatHERS Technical Notes in the event of any inconsistency.

The NatHERS Technical Notes are a valuable resource for NatHERS Accredited Assessors using NatHERS Accredited Software. The NatHERS Technical Notes provide the most up-to-date information on the correct processes for:

  • Modelling new and existing buildings
  • Zoning of conditioned spaces
  • Modelling windows, glazing and insect screens
  • Correct design documentation requirements and more

To assist in conducting energy ratings, the Zoning Guide provides illustrated examples of how to zone various spaces, while the Assessor Questions and Answers document provides solutions for common issues and queries.

The current version of the NatHERS Technical Notes can be found here:

In addition to the Technical notes, a guidance note on custom windows can be found here: Guidance Note 1: Guidance for treatment of window value discrepancies between the custom windows library and Window Energy Rating Scheme 


NOTE: The NatHERS Technical Note has been updated and Technical Note (Version May 2019) will be effective from 31 May 2019. 



Superseded Technical Notes for reference can also be accessed here:

Other resources

For more information about how NatHERS works, see the NatHERS Fact Sheets.