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Welcome to the sixth edition of the NatHERS Star.

Update on windows

The NatHERS Administrator is aware many assessors are frustrated with the current situation regarding windows and have been actively working on improvements to address these concerns.

Chenath updates for 2019

There are a number of updates planned for the Chenath engine, which improve accuracy of ratings and solve some long-lasting issues with the software.

WA climate zones and interactive climate zone map updates

The interactive climate zone map has been updated and can be accessed on the NatHERS website.

NatHERS Assessor Handbook

The production of the NatHERS Assessor Handbook is well underway.

Split heating and cooling loads for NCC 2019

The ABCB recently sought feedback on changes to the NCC 2019 that would set maximum heating and cooling load limits for the NatHERS pathway in the NCC.

Trajectory for Low Energy Homes and NCC 2022

In late 2018 the COAG Energy Council will consider a trajectory for low energy homes, including potential energy efficiency changes for the 2022 update of the NCC.


  • BDAV 10-Star Sustainable Design Challenge
  • Appliance Energy Rating Calculator
  • Your Home


BDAV 10-Star Sustainable Design Challenge

The 2018 Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV) 10-Star Sustainable Design Challenge winner has been announced. ‘Hacksaw House’ designed by Gruen Eco Design in collaboration with Paperbark Design was this year’s winner and was described by judges as “an exceptional and admirable building design with a highly creative and innovative approach.”

The annual Design Challenge invites BDAV members to prepare a residential design for a single dwelling or multi-residential project, across any climate zone in Australia, which achieves a non-regulatory 10 Star energy rating.

The winning design from 2012 ’10 Star House Done Dirt Cheap’ has inspired an alteration and addition project in Canberra. This has been occupied since the Easter of 2017 and came through the first winter without needing the heating turned on. A small amount of cooling was used through the 2017-2018 summer, but it is envisaged that this will be largely unnecessary next year when the clerestory windows are operated to facilitate effective night purge ventilation.

More information about the BDAV 10-Star Sustainable Challenge can be found on the BDAV Website.

Appliance Energy Rating Calculator

The Energy Rating Calculator allows you to compare the energy efficiency of household appliances such as fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioners, televisions and dryers. The calculator converts the information shown on an appliance’s Energy Rating Label into dollars, so you know how much it will cost to run before you buy it. Check out this short video to see how simple it is to use.

The Energy Rating Calculator is available here:

Your Home

Your Home is currently a Commonwealth Government funded information source or ‘guide’ to building, buying or renovating a home.

In 2017 ACIL Allen was commissioned to undertake a strategic review of Your Home. This review found that Your Home provides information that can be used by the building professionals who consumers interact with, as a means of encouraging behavioural change. Research undertaken for this review suggests that Your Home is unique and stands apart from other information on home design and renovation provided by the commercial world. It is a highly-regarded resource and there is unanimous support for government continuing to maintain it.

Based on these findings, Your Home will be updated over coming months. To view the Your Home resource, visit